My first attempts to earnings in the Internet.

In view of the attacks on the LJ, I digress from the blog and started writing a book to help novice builders business on the Internet. The working title of “Million per year is not a problem.” This e-book with video examples and lessons learned, analysis and recommendations, and much of anything useful.

Today I want to put on trial one chapter from the preface. I have a rather long introduction to the basic material. It is interesting to hear your opinion. All Comments are off topic bezschadno removed.

My first attempt. Beginning.

With access to the network, inspired, I began to search of employment. Exchange tossed at once, as they require investment, and market rules are constantly changing. In order not to burn, you need to be constantly aware of trends and changes.

No strategy or system is not working for a long time and requires constant adjustment. If I had managed to persuade someone to invest my money, then I still had no time for analysis and actual testing. In brief exchange on the left then, as one way of income.

Knowing HTML and some ways of promotion and optimization, decided to do to start a site with an indication of my services and an example to show the possibilities, respectively. True, the site made on a free hosting on writing optimized articles on request. At the same time became interested in earnings of affiliate programs.

Articles, as the practice was bad. People somehow stupidly followed wherever he skillfully directed, and not where he wanted. Quality very few people had to be, for some reason it was better to buy a pig in a poke =)).

Better on the Stock Exchange of copywriters to buy deshvke (0.3 $ per 1000 characters) of questionable quality paper than to see an example and does not understand the difference, or expensive, but a top copywriter. Unfortunately, few people know that not all top copywriters can do something sensible to write.

Were once the specific technologies, how to become a top-end by the author. I have one friend began to earn that way. In general, to become the top-end by the author, you need to invest in the machinations of his articles some money which I have to then was not. And frankly, I began to doubt at all in the earnings on the articles.

Nothing good at first was not and with affiliate programs. This for me was very new thing, and naturally had no experience.

At that time, the specific aim was to make money on any course on online business and I started digging up the mountain of free information on earnings in the affiliate. It seemed to me that this is the only way to make the initial money online without investing their own. In principle, it is so now.

In addition, this month I signed up for a bunch of different newsletters on business and make money on the Internet. Always something to read, study, analyze, trying to understand until I was not zadolbalo. It seems every time you learn something new and useful. Feel that the knowledge replenished, but certainly they can not keep on the shelves in my head.

Many councils in general are conflicting. There is no system, and therefore can not be talking about any income.

In short, I felt that I had and without any course I know plenty, but that’s somehow muddled everything, no specifics.

Then I did not know and did not understand that an overabundance of information can be disastrous, as well as its scarcity. Thank God I did not take long to figure it out.

I came across the video from time to Azat Valeeva in one of the mailings, which said that the need to act, rather than trying to “embrace the boundless.” That’s a son (age mean), and taught his father how to make money online. Funny? =)). And it also happens =)).

In general, looking at the video, think about what it said, I began to act. On a free service maillist opened his dispatch on the work at home, though, and had no idea that there will be writing. The only thing I could do is analyzing the distribution which has been signed, to create something similar. Oh, and then thought the course will deal.

This was my first experience for themselves appraised it as an experiment. Wrote about the possibility of making a home and of course, with affiliate links to affiliate products on the topic. In addition, links to affiliate programs I put a signature on various online forums.

Now it is difficult to say where he came from the first order and the payment of fees, but will receive their money first, I felt another surge of energy. And then by that time interest in earnings at affiliate programs gradually began to fade.

After, with free courses from Viktor Rogov learned about the possibilities of contextual advertising. Link to his site is in the top post. In principle, I already knew, but only superficially and therefore did not use it. Afraid to pull the money. And of course having understood the essence of creating an advertising company, without hesitation registered an account at Google Adwords, the more it was given a free coupon for a 1, 600 p.

In general, little by little everything is getting. About somewhere in 2 – 3 months of search and sampling options for earning, I myself paid for the Internet and had some spare money that could be used on their own needs. Something for advertising that some conclusions in the off-line.

That’s where I made my first significant error. It was at this point and had to start their business functions, or at least worth thinking, how and in what area to start building your business. Knowledge, in principle, have enough, but still read the list and thought that will not work.

That turned a chapter on early.


By the way, earning the network depends directly on the site promotion. The site is one of the components of an online business, and the formula looks like this: good + site + advertising = sale.

About the promotion of a website – news and events

Good day, dear readers. I’m sure you’re already tired of waiting for new interesting and useful materials. I miss those days when I publish new posts every day, throughout the autumn of 2010. But then if I only had this blog, you now have to divide my time between two projects, blogs and forums, especially now, when the forum at all is still a baby and requires maximum attention. Plus, the more I have an interesting client projects, which consume the lion’s share of my time, but provide new knowledge, practices and invaluable experience that I’ll always be with you to share.

Due to the tight schedule, I spared some of the important events that I want now to draw your attention. Although this was already a lot of people wrote, but in this case is not about being first, and to draw the attention of those readers to important events, who missed these events.

Some of you already know what took place in Moscow the second conference Proofseo, which brings together professionals, not only in SEO, but generally in internet marketing. Unfortunately, to attend the conference I could not even follow the news from the conference in the online mode failed for the reason described above. However, unloaded a little, I began to study what has already managed to appear online, interested, of course, not the publication of “My Report” in which only it is written, it was cool and liked it (in this case I do not doubt), namely, paved materials was discussed, said the thoughts expressed.

Of course, the most interesting behind the scenes and never go to public comment. Yes, and the conference itself is unlikely to speakers shared their most intimate, that really works. And yet, from what is already published on the Internet participants and visitors of the conference there are many interesting ideas. But the funny thing – read this commentary to such publications.

Naturally I’m not going to do a reprint of materials have already been laid, and especially do not want something based on those thinking the crumbs that we got. I just draw your attention that if you’re interested in promoting sites on the Internet, be sure to familiarize yourself with the materials.

At present the most comprehensive list of links to various publications collected on the conference website here. Pay attention to movies that are on the right page. This video directly from the conference. In my opinion, the most complete overview of the conference received on this blog (in the general list, he also is), link directly to the appropriate label, ie the link immediately collected all the articles about the conference. Other links published on the conference website you can also browse and find something useful for yourself. And one can credit that is not on that list, only this video was published a press conference SEO vs SMM.

UPD: the events described below, has lost its relevance in the blogs Learn for a free account deleted the rel = “nofollow”.

Another event that occurred a few days ago, linked to blogs on bloghostinge LiveJuornal. More recently, all references to the blog for a free account closed in nofollow. Until recently, LJ was the most popular free blogohostingom, which can be used as Crossposting their posts, as well as many bloggers guards exchanged or bought links from these blogs. Personally I have is a few links from various blogs LJ, who either came naturally, or I changed guards. Now those links no longer work as before, and soon disappear from the panel webmaster. I personally do not hurt much, but the fact is unpleasant. Yes, and my blog, created Learn and left for better times will now be thrown me.

But, as I wrote above, this event only affects a free account. Who is willing to pay 600r. A year can go to a paid account, in which links will be without nofollow. In general, I’m just warn you that having a blog in LJ now unprofitable.

What else do I want to say… I have not written a blog a week, exactly 7 days, of course, all this time I was watching the movements of traffic on the blog. Repeat the truism – Search Traffic is the time! While not writing, the number of visitors decreased significantly only bookmarks of the reader, email services, search engine traffic throughout the day was a constant in comparison with previous periods. I want to say that social development is undoubtedly very important and need to constantly engage in them, but at the moment only search engine traffic provides the most stable results even when the site is no active life. Thanks to search engines.

Although the post has turned out a little, but I hope someone will find it useful. Well, I’ll be corrected and to prepare new and interesting materials for you. Good luck in your development.

Want to have your every blog post got a bunch of retweets?

You know, that could do much to increase traffic to your blog? – That’s right, the buttons of social networks through which your readers can share links to your posts.

Hello readers of my blozhika. Sorry that I so rarely write, do not post, the custom article, you need something to fill the blog, and the extra money did not happen… But, today, this came to an end, probably, most likely, maybe I’ll start writing more active, publish interesting articles about network marketing and social networking.

Today I will give a lot with the cart tips for those who want to have their blog posts more active retviteli tviply. If you have a question: “Why should I retweets?”, Then I’ll give you as much as two answers:

1. Retweets – an audience, the audience – it’s referrals, referrals – this traffic to your blog, and so on…

2. Retweets – it’s likely that you zafollovyat…

How to get more retweets article on Twitter?

- Write a short message. This must be done for two reasons, firstly to the message fits in RT @ nickname; secondly, short messages look more beautiful, yes, and laziness tviplam read many tweets.

- Content for which you are posting links to be interesting and catchy, it’s the foundation of any progress…

- Ask to retweet. I rarely do so, but it is still running. Probably you often see in posts like paste: “Please RT!”

- Social button. Do not forget also about the fat, big buttons of social networks. Put them in a prominent place, it is possible even in a few places.

- You also do retweets posts your followers. Most of tviplov are ordinary human sense of duty that and make them return retweet.

- Can you create a mini-community of 10-20 bloggers who will retweets each other’s entries.

- Use heshtegi, often heshtegam tviply looking cool stuff, here you get another chance to retweet.

- Look for people from your niche, zafollovte them, some of them zafollovyat you back. Also there is a possibility, albeit slight, that they will do retweets messages that interest them.

- Make sure that the title of your post a creative and visually beautiful.

- Do not forget about those who retweets your records. Sometimes referred to them in their communications, advise your followers zafollovit them, just tell them thanks.

- And probably the most unclear, vague, but powerful advice: Be a good tviplom, active, lively, friendly, sociable, funny, creative!

Follow all the above advice and your number will grow retweets at times.

If you’re still a little retweets, watch a dozen Kal’nei, and suddenly freed a place for you…

Questions to readers:

- What kind of advice before you know it?

- What advice would you like to write on the list?

Public website promotion with WebEffector. The beginning of the experiment

Weeks, probably half or two ago I received an offer from the exchange site promotion WebEffector. I have about them when writing something, so you can read that for them – WebEffector – a great alternative to outsourcing.

The experiment is this: I throw on account of vebeffektore 4 K. Rubles, and I for the money is to promote their sites. The optimum number – 2.

People PR, as can, so this little idea to give bloggers the bubble and get it over public records – a very creative, in my opinion.

Required of me that’s what. I am for their loot promote their websites on request for 4 months, and publish monthly results of this promotion. Of course, it is beneficial to both of us: me and the guys in WebEffector. They – PR, to me – a freebie for the time being. On the other hand – this is a risk, because if there is no result, I, too, will write about it. I am an honest

Add a camera – get a link and the traffic

Today I would like to continue the theme of getting interesting links to interesting places. And specifically – let’s talk about prostanovke options WebCams sites. First, a little theory. Recent years has become very popular to install the camera and perform a live broadcast of what is happening on the Internet. Most often it is done aimed the camera at the area, street, park… Many hotels and resorts are doing the same camera and broadcast on your site the events occurring at the moment, in this particular place. An example of such a camera – taganskaya

I think that everything they saw and heard about these Chambers repeatedly. Naturally, with the advent and wide dissemination of online webcams, and there were sites aggregators, which collect and classify these cameras. These sites and our goal at this point. An example of such a site – These sites work in such a way that they are, we must add a link to a page with our camera and then everyone can see it and go to our website.

Naturally the main problem is the webcam itself – or rather, the presence of broadcast to add new pages. I know only 2 ways to solve this problem:

1. Buy a webcam, put on the window sill and handle broadcast. Way to complicated and expensive and suitable only for those who have off-white Web sites associated with offline activities.

2. Take someone else’s broadcast and put on your website.

We consider the second option, because on the 1 st to say something to say here. We need to find a site that is broadcast from their cameras and while this is not its primary goal. Ie take the broadcast from sites that are specifically designed for this purpose, it is not necessary. It can quickly notice and block access. I often use the Web Site. There is a wonderful camera and through the small attendance is always listening level and the camera work almost constantly. Example –

How do I find such sites? I’m looking for in Google and just directories of hotels. At Google you can do so: hotel Country / City / Village / Other live webcam. Of course, you can simply go to the directory cameras, choose any, and take yourself. But since they are the same and there is even a minimal risk and that ovner camera would be offended and we will close the access. According to this possible I try to avoid this “easy” solutions.

It is worth noting that there are two main types of broadcasts:

1. Broadcast is a constant video stream – that is, you see people running around, bathing the girls and the rest of the dynamics (example above).

2. Broadcast is a photo with the update every 5 / 10 / 100-500 minutes. Example – Do refresh the page every 5 minutes and see the changes.

For our purposes, we can use two types of cameras. Ie Our main goal is to integrate into your site and someone else’s camera to add a link to a page in a bunch of special trust directories. Suppose we decide to use direct broadcast video streams (for example, all from the same site – The first thing we look and find the source of the page as it appears on the page (very often the place where video is difficult to pick):

In this case, the video is displayed in such a code, and without the problems displayed on any website. Grab this code and add to the desired page on our site. That’s all. We have a page with a line camera from Spain (example – Consider the second option, we have a picture that is constantly changing. Just get the URL from which the picture is taken and required us to insert in place – something like: (but this method can and should be modified – describe below.) Example – Html

Now that we have a page with a camera, we can safely look for the directory and add them. Ideally, of course, if you have a website about Spain, add yourself and a camera from this country, etc. For movies and warez sites can also be something to think, most importantly to the page itself with the camera as small as possible any nonsense. So it is easier and faster to pass appruv camera sites.

Start looking for sites. The easiest and the first request: add a webcam.

Keep in mind that all the cameras tested. Ie 90% of the directory, you’ll have to wait and depend on appruva. So try to make the page most relevant and beautiful. Shows the real-mails and answer their questions and requests. Links to these sites will provide not only link the effect, but some traffic.

Some tips:

1. In the Description field on the many services we can inscribe a link to a site with the correct anchor.

2. If you do not answer or find a spam duplicate requests for mail admins.

3. As clearly indicate the location and choose category.

Now becoming quite popular broadcast from the offices. Ie written in the contacts, something like the view from our window and inserted into the video. This will allow you to apply more widely the topic for contacts / office can be tie almost any commercial website.

On many of the sites you are asked to indicate links to a small image and complete. Naturally, if we give nash-site. Com as the main Urla and links to the camera from another site, for example –, it may arouse suspicion. I use this solution to the problem.

Create a new folder, and it 1. Php file contains:

And. Htaccess file contains:

RewriteEngine On

Php_value display_errors 0

RewriteRule ^(.*) jpg 1. Php QSA

When the reviewer clicks on the link I pointed out in the fields Img, Url and the like, he clicks the link, well, thanks to such a setting, he sees the picture from another site. So with the help of php and. Htaccess can encrypt any hint of what the camera is not yours. And finally, a list of sites where it is worth adding:

Http:// Php


Http:// Php


For lovers of Tietze:

Http:// Htm

Http:// Php

And do not forget to try and here –

I wish you all lots and lots of links and traffic!

How to find blogs to share guards

Good day, dear readers. Reading the first article on the blog promotion and the promotion of sites on search progress, we are the first lines of faced with the inevitability of increasing reference mass. So it has become customary among search engines that without an external reference mass of the good sites do not happen. And even now, when in the search promotion of human behavioral factors and SMO should not forget that to the trust resource, search engines are always better than a site that does not have that same trust.

Enumerate the factors that affect trust resources is not possible, it is sensitive information, but the fact that one of them is the external reference weight – a fact. And since the early days of any site binding rule should be a gradual increase in the number of external links.

So, before every webmaster is the problem in different ways be displayed on other sites link to your own site. To do this, there are a lot of tactics, techniques and capabilities. But when you’re just beginning the path is very difficult to decide where to begin.

One way to increase the free mass is the reference exchange links with blogs and sites of similar subjects. As it happens in practice?

The most obvious way – is to go to a search engine, to drive into the search query “return the mail and you should definitely come out a lot of sites willing to share their guards. If you’re lucky, you might fall a whole list of blogs whose owners are willing to share their guards.

What difficulties await us on this path?

Outdated information. Or blog already quietly dying or have already been unwound so that the blog owner does not want to put a link to your newly created blog.

Topic blog too far from yours.

A no, and the analysis will still have to do. What indicators have a blog, attendance, commented.

The campaign period for the exchange of guards has expired.

You can choose a different path, for example, to visit one of the directories of blogs, where you can select blogs on various parameters:



This is easier. But do not forget that, as in the first case, and second we need to know contact the blogger, go to your mail, write a letter with the offer and wait – the answer will come or not.

Unfortunately, all this goes a very long time, which is never enough. But there is a third option – Exchange link exchange Link to Link. Through this exchange is much easier to find suitable blogs for exchange.

Let’s consider the advantages of work in this market.

At the stock exchange can be found not only blogs to exchange links, but full-fledged sites.

You can share not only references such as “guard”, but also the entire article and the links in the directory sites.

In stock are already sites that are willing to exchange links, ie the likelihood that you will receive a waiver is several times less than if you have found your blog via search engines.

To save time searching for suitable sites are configured filters:

“According to the type of links.

“In terms of site

“By the number of pages indexed

“In terms of domain

“By age, etc.

Agree, saving personal time with the stock exchange just obvious. Although, like any other stock exchange have to be alert, because there will always be sites more similar to the HS, rather than on a site for people.

To protect against unwanted applications can defend putting additional demands on the sites. Also, the system is a system of rating and reviews, through which we can immediately screen out sites unscrupulous webmasters.

Before you start working in this auction, be sure to read their rules, it is in the rules spelled out advice on how to most effectively work with Exchange.

But it is worth saying that link exchange is not the only plus Exchange Link to Link.

At Link to Link can not just change the links, but also to earn or find performers.

You can fill in the data that you change not only references, but also place a reference for money. And in a special section of the Exchange services, you can find an artist on some work or to become a performer.

I think it is better to see once than to read about the possibilities of this exchange. And for the registration of demand are not taken. Link to registration page After logging in to the Exchange tab, select Add and purchase the site.

When adding a site immediately specify how the conditions for the exchange and the conditions for the sale of what you are willing to sell on his blog:

After adding my blog in, you can just wait for other webmasters you can find. But more effective would be if You do this yourself. With proper approach and the active exchange of 1-2 update TCI at least 10, you are guaranteed.

What I mean by the right approach?

“Trying to share thematic links, ie with the sites of a similar topic.

“To share the most natural links, only the new articles.

“Choosing to share blogs and sites that are well indexed by search engines, have your audience, subscribers, traffic.

Of course, if you have a very young blog, and you will find blogs that you are close to the parameters, because more adult resources are unlikely to want to share with a young blog. But in blogging, as in any case it all depends on you. Work and constantly evolving.

I wish you success in progress.

Answers to questions from readers. Issue 15

Good day, dear readers. It’s time the next issue of the answers to questions. The questions themselves can be set through a special form on my blog. And now proceed to the answers.

Hello, Catherine!

In early January, a blog for bloggers has been changed on your domain. The new address was added to the service Yandeks.Vebmaster. Based on the information on the blog bot comes regularly since then, but indexed only one main, but the search and it is not added. Pages of the old domain in the index everything, but finding they are recognized as re-indexing.

Is this situation normal? From Google to everything good in terms of indexing your blog at a new address.

Thanks in advance!

Firstly, it is worth saying that the page is a redirect – this is a normal situation. But the problem of indexing the new domain – it is not normal. Generally, such a problem as you, I encountered the first time. From personal observations of several blogs who are referred to a personal domain, I found out for myself next.

When connecting to a personal domain name Google makes 301 not on all the time, and at some period of time, approximately 2-3 months. During this time the blog is completely re-index in different search engines, particularly in Yandex. Glued indicators TCI and PR. At the end of the period 301 is removed and there is just a redirect page.

Because this period is sufficient for a complete re-indexing, the problem no one there. In search of new pages appear and old ones are disappearing, but not all. For example, my index Yandex also has 10 pages with the old address, and also, as you have with page redirection. But this does not prevent the exact same page to be in the index on the other (personal) domain.

Obviously, with your blog somewhere went wrong. The most obvious problems (in my opinion) that might arise, are two:

Technical failure on the part of Yandex

Your herd, for that Yandex has imposed a filter.

Regardless of the problem, I advise to write in those. Support from the panel Yandex Yandex Webmaster. Worse it will not. If this technical problem, then you will be told that everything is in order and in the next couple of ups blog will appear in the index. If this is your herd, you’ll be sent a diffuse response that your site is not up to the requirements of PS and you need more to develop it. Depending on the answer and have to think what to do next.

Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel. Without advertising.

Yes, this I have not met in the vast Runet =)). Just take a look at the possibilities. This is a free hosting service without advertising to support PHP, MySQL and cPanel. 1500 MB of disk space. 100GB traffic.

For beginners, just a fairy tale. Honestly, you bastard. Everyone knows what an integral part of the free hosting service is advertising on the site from a hosting company, but here it is not there. Yes, and cPanel is very clear even for the uninitiated.

Well, that’s not all. PHP for Beginners – it’s like Egyptian hieroglyphics. It also includes access to the automatic installer popular PHP scripts.

In addition, there is an excellent site builder. Also there is more than 300 ready-made templates that are installed in a couple of clicks. I have never seen such a proposal.

In principle, the hosting is no different from a professional. Quietly, you can run a blog or website on the known CMS WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.

Even if you have some kind of nationalist convictions, then you have a choice. Free hosting in Ukraine

Free hosting in Russia

Shorter than a sin not to use, the more free.

Turbo Accelerator indexing options – LetUsIndex.

I’m not the first day on the network, so I know that many are scratching their heads over the question: how to speed up indexing options? Yes, that problem is a problem.

Just here recently so happened that ordered xrumer run several pages of one site, and there was a need for a short period of time to index more than 3 thousand URLs. Therefore, it is the way it happened that I went to the guys from LetUsIndex – Service to accelerate the indexing options. After talking, I realized that people are adequate, and in the subject. But the FIG would be with him, people in the subject and lack of adequate, except that they are not all able to generate great ideas, however, not in this case

I liked the service directly. Not that the functional immediately cling to. No, the problem is even missing. For example, it found, how come in the form, where the assignment is made to index URLs, then hesitated to poke into links. But in general the idea of?? turbo accelerator index options like. To some extent you can control the rate of entry of the reference in the index.

How to check the site for broken internal and external outbound links

Good day, dear readers. Most of you who read my blog, run their own blogs. Many of you rock patterns from the network, which may be unnecessary external links. Often we refer to various resources on some files on the network, which over time may be removed by the owners. Naturally, we are no one ever warns you if the page to which we refer will be removed. Thus on our site there are broken links. What is a broken link?

Broken link – a link that leads to non-existent page or file. This is exactly the case when we pass on the link and get a 404 error page.

Often we own hands, creating broken links within your same website. For example, when deleting an article, which was somewhere referred to in his own blog.

It is foolish to say that the dead link on the site – it’s bad, it’s so obvious. Firstly, it’s bad for our visitors who are reading our articles and follow links to recommended resources. Secondly, a large number of internal broken links may complicate the indexing of your site by search engines. After all, the bot will always try to link to and receive response from the server 404.

Therefore, we must take it a rule to periodically check your site for any broken links. And then the question arises, how to check dozens or hundreds, but someone has thousands of pages? If you want to test only the internal links, it is sufficient to visit any of the tools for webmasters on search engines.

Yandex Webmaster – Section Indexing Site – Excluded pages – by type. A link HTTP-status: Resource not found (404), we get a list of all references that were found inside the Yandex website.

Or Google – Troubleshooting – Error scan – can not be found. There will be a list of links that lead to non-existent page on your same site.

But, as you already understood, the search engines only show links that are on your site and lead to page on your site or as links that lead to your site from other sites and you can not fix them. But we are referring not only to their articles, not only to link us, we often refer to themselves in other people’s materials. Why do search engines do not tell us that we have external broken links? And now to solve this problem? There is a Solution.

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